Marcel Bourassa,
President & CEO Savaria

“In 1989, I wanted a business that would be here for the long term.”

Silver Cross has been in business since 1993. In 2014, Savaria Corporation, a global leader in accessibility purchased Silver Cross. As a manufacturer of stairlifts, wheelchair lifts, home elevators and accessible vehicles, Canadian company Savaria saw an opportunity to provide more distribution points for its products. With 11 manufacturing facilities around the world and a strong research and development team, Savaria is always looking to introduce new products and improve current ones.

Silver Cross operates stores in Ontario and Alberta with both corporately owned “bricks and mortar” stores as well as franchise locations. Each store has a showroom with demonstrator products and a range of other mobility equipment. We are a “go-to” mobility store for the local areas that we serve.

To make it even easier to buy a stairlift, we now offer buyers our online ordering system. Stairlifts are installed by our trained technicians who are also there to service your lift in the future if you have any problems. We pride ourselves in servicing customer needs and we encourage you to read reviews of other companies and ours before you buy. We stand behind the products we sell.

Other products from Savaria include: home elevators, wheelchair lifts, ceiling lifts and patient slings, medical beds and therapeutic services as well as accessible vehicles.

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