Although a straight stairlift is pretty straightforward, there are some important things to know before you buy.

You can start by watching our Stairlifts 101 video.

Are your stairs straight?
The Savaria K2 stairlift is suitable for a single flight of straight stairs like the picture below.

If your stairs look like these, the K2 is not the best choice for you.

Talk to us about the Savaria Stairfriend curved stairlift 1.844.352.7677

Right hand or left hand, what do I order?
The K2 stairlift must be ordered as Left or Right. Stand at the bottom of your staircase and look up to determine if the lift will go on the left or right. If you have a railing on one side, choose the side of the flat wall.

Length of rail
A standard K2 rail covers most staircases up to 15 feet. We cut the rail onsite to match your staircase as part of our installation process.

The length of rail (A) is measured from the nose of the top stair to the bottom floor landing. You will need to buy extra rail for stairs over 15 feet. Please ask us. The K2 can be extended to travel up to 32 feet.

Stair width
Check the width of your stair tread (B). You will need a minimum of 30" (76 cm) wide.

If your stairs are more narrow than this, give us a call.

Size of user
If you weigh over 300 lb, consider the K2 Plus.

If you are over 6 feet tall, you will want to comfortably sit on the seat with room for your knees on narrow width stairs. If you have a concern about this, just ask.

Is the ceiling area high enough through your full flight of stairs? Sitting on the stairlift, you need room above your head. This is more commonly a problem on stairs leading to a basement level.

Is there a door at the bottom of your stairs or directly at the top of the stairs? If you have a door directly at the bottom, consider adding a flip-up rail at the bottom so the rail does not intrude with your doorway when the lift is not in use. If you have a door at the top, rail height extension brackets can shorten the distance that the rail intrudes past the top stair. We can assist you to select the best options.


Most homes feature wood or carpeted stairs. If you stairs are stone, tile or other materials, this may mean extra installation time is needed or different fasteners will be used for your installation. We will check this with you before the installation is scheduled.

If the stairlift user cannot easily get on and off the chair, a stairlift may not be the best solution. For example, a person using a rollator needs to be able to transfer to and from the seat without assistance. Generally, people using a wheelchair are not well-suited to using a stairlift and other options may be a better choice.

Rental homes
If you currently rent your home, please check with your landlord before you install a stairlift.

Answers to some questions

Can I buy just the lift and install it myself or using a handy man?
No. Because we adhere to industry guidelines and safety standards, we only sell stairlifts with installation services, with no exceptions.

My home is outside your service region, can I still buy from you?
If you are outside the Silver Cross service region, please call Savaria at 1-855-Savaria to assist you to find a local Savaria dealer.

Can the stairlift be installed outside?
No. Due to the harsh winter climate we experience in Canada, the stairlift cannot be installed outside. We offer vertical platform lifts that are built for outdoor applications.